Disclaimer: MAYA’S MAYA is a work of fiction. Names, characters, business, events, and incidents are the products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.


August 18, 2020, Tuesday morning, full of sunshine with a vibrant mind, I woke up at 8’o clock, which was usually late for me, so I hurried for the online class which was scheduled for that day from 9 am onwards.

although my online class was full of enjoyment since I have to conclude this story in a short paragraph, I will take the thing more quickly than usual, so let’s get started and prepare yourself for a beautiful journey of a part of my life, hurry you going to sign in my story so tie your seat belt, stay focused and calm, you going to enjoy this.

Oh sorry! I forgot to introduce the hero of this story, meet Roshan, a little immature but a super friendly guy from Basti, Uttar Pradesh. So within ten days of the journey of online classes, Roshan figured out many things and many people around me. Yes, you can say that, but mainly he noticed two-people naming Ankit and Sushant having sweet and chubby faces with decent personalities

So what? they became true friends, Ankit, Sushant and Roshan, so the real reel started from here.

Now moving ahead, now Roshan had three friends, including her. Her!! Oh, sorry, I again didn’t mention the name. How stupid am I? Her name was Maya. Nice name, right?

So Roshan and Maya were friends even more than friends. She usually used to talk to him for more than 2hr/day. She was such a sweet girl that Roshan thought that nobody is as good as she was. He used to help her in nearly everything like assignments, even online teaching too, and she used to ask for help in almost everything from me only. He was pleased that he had such good friends. Still, Roshan remembered those words from her “Roshan, you are so great”, and these were terrific words for him.

Apart from this, Ankit and Sushant were also too good, and both of them were helping hands of Roshan and Maya. They usually have lots of Google meets having four friends together, Ankit was one of the introverts from their group, and Sushant was looking like a senior, but Roshan knew what he was!

So things were going on track. Roshan had a Whatsapp group of 3 friends, including Roshan, Ankit, Sushant but not Maya. There was a reason for this that she was not that much exposed to Ankit and Sushant

But one day, Roshan decided to add Maya to that group because Ankit recommended him. After many discussions, he finally said Maya without having permission from Sushant. When Sushant came to know about this, he became angry, which was not expected. According to Sushant, Maya was a social girl having lots of friends, and she was considered a threat to our privacy and assignments by Sushant.

So after this much drama, Roshan decided to call and discuss it with Ankit. Ankit suggested that he is unsure about this and whatever decision they want to take, they can, but as Sushant looks senior, his decision rules over two of his friends Roshan and Ankit’s decisions.

Gradually Sushant converted our group into a public one. Maya was being ignored, which was not Roshan and Ankit’s decision, but both followed Sushant, which was a wrong decision.

 One night Maya called Roshan that she is feeling lonely. Everyone is ignoring her, nobody wants to talk to her, so Roshan explained to her the cruel reality of the world that friendship means gives and takes for 99% of people, and he also explains what Sushant thinks about her that Maya is a selfish girl. She is only taking benefit of us. Till then, Maya started crying and cut the call and blocked including Sushant, Ankit and Roshan. 

“Picture avi baaki hai mere dost”

The upcoming chapter will be live on Wednesday: Was Maya really poisonous?

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